Self-Love Retreat Application 
If you’d like to come to a self-love retreat, please fill out the application below. Since retreats are an intimate experience with limited spots, the application will help ensure that the retreat is the perfect fit for you.
The application requires a $47 processing fee which is part of your total retreat cost. If you're not accepted, it will be refunded to you.

After you fill out the application, check your inbox for an email from We will respond to your application within a week.
first Name
email address
PHone number
date of birth
Social media handlE
Which retreat are you applying for?
Which airport would you likely be flying from?
Do you have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the retreat dates?
Why are you feeling called to go on this retreat?
Have you ever been or are you currently diagnosed with an eating disorder? If yes, please briefly describe your journey.
Our retreats are not for mental health treatment of any sort, but rather about deepening our self-love while bonding with others on a similar journey. By signing up, we all agree to hold a safe space for ourselves and others.
Do you have any other mental health struggles?
Do you have any physical health challenges?
Are you fully vaccinated against covid-19?
We require all retreat attendees to be fully vaccinated before attending an in-person retreat.
If I could give you a magic wand to transform anything in your life, what would it be and why?
Are you prepared to make this investment in yourself by dedicating the necessary time and financial resources for this retreat experience?
How do you feel right now as you’re answering these questions?
PAYMENT Information
$47 Application Fee
Credit Card Number:
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Item Price
$47 Application Fee
What does the application screen for?

The retreat application helps Mary get to know you and what you’re looking to gain from a self-love retreat experience. We also want to make sure that you are fully prepared for this physically and mentally-demanding experience. If we don’t think our retreats would be a good fit for you, we want to be 100% honest about that from the beginning.

What if I am not accepted to the retreat?

If your application is not approved for whatever reason, the application fee will be refunded to you. Depending on the circumstance, you are welcome to reapply for another retreat in the future.

What if I change my mind and decide not to go on the retreat?

If you are accepted, but choose not to go on the retreat, then the application fee is non-refundable. However, if you see another retreat that you’d like to attend in the future, you will not have to reapply. Just email and we will inform you of next steps.

If you have any other questions, please email